SPIELART has not only proven it is a noteworthy forum for guest performances, it also - under the label of SPIELART Factory - provides impulses with its commissioned works, coproductions and the networking of artistic experiences.


In addition to cross-genre approaches, SPIELART is interested primarily in projects that explore the uniqueness of the theatre medium, and that develop new forms and theatre languages. SPIELART deliberately takes artistic risks in order to give new approaches in international theatre a chance, and also to establish international networks for Munich artists.


SPIELART Factory productions (1995 – 2005)


Laura Kikauka: Only Seat in the Theatre
Laura Kikauka's theater space at Aktionsforum Praterinsel was simultaneously her living space for the duration of the festival.
Production: SPIELART, in collaboration with Aktionsforum Praterinsel.

Theatrum Philosophicum
Four staged lectures consisting of a mixture of literature, visual art, music and theater.
Die Nacktheit dieser Lieder (The Nakedness of these Songs)
with D. Holland-Moritz, author, and Roi Vaara, performance artist


Abgeschiedenheit (Seclusion)
with Walter Zimmermann, composer, and Hannes Böhringer, philosopher
Vor dem Anfang (Before the Beginning)
with Hanns Zischler, actor, and Annette Murschetz, set designer
Das philosophische Theater (The Philosophical Theater)
with Christian Bertram, author, and Mary Oliver, violinist
Sponsored by the Kultur Stiftung of Deutsche Bank and the Goethe Institute.



Roy Faudree/No Theatre: DFS De fiance suction
The New York director Roy Faudree developed for the second SPIELART festival the work DFS De fiance suction with Munich actors.
Commissioned by SPIELART.

Nachtschräge (Night Deviations)
Every night a special - and especially unusual - late-night program awaits audiences in the bar at the festival center, offering the possibility for audiences to immerse themselves in an après festival.


Sophie Rois & Peter Donke (Berlin): Straight from the Heart
HELMHART (Wien/München): Ziegenhund
Irritainment Event (Berlin): Return to Rented Lagoon
Istvan Kantor (Toronto): Sudden Changes
Hayley Newmann (London): Record Shot in the Dark / Microphone Scirt
Cornelie Müller (München): Lauter! stille Stücke / Fanfaren des Leichtsinns
Harald Ferner, Herbert Nauderer, Walter Weh (München): TRAKT FNW
Marcel.lí Antúnez Roca (Barcelona): Epizoo



Forced Entertainment: Who can sing a song to unfrighten me?
A twenty-four-hour theater trip, created by members of Forced Entertainment and five Munich actors.

A coproduction of London International Festival of Theatre (LIFT) and South Bank Center/Royal Festival Hall. Sponsored by the British Council and the Goethe Institute.

Stück für Stück - Ein Performance-Fest in sechs Gängen (Piece for Piece - a performance festival in six courses)
This six-hour performance festival moved in a dubious "no man's land" of the genre zones theater, visual art, dance and sound events.

Roman Signer/Pierre Favre Switzerland: Möblierung Furnishing - Performance/sculpture with percussion
Seiji Shimoda Japan: Dialogue
Akemi Takeya Japan/Austria: Bodypoems - Reflections
Maren Strack Germany: ICE Lise Meitner - conceived in the Intercity Express 202 Frankfurt - Hannover
Fen-Ma Liuming China: Fen-Ma Liuming in Munich
Toshimasa Furukawa Japan: $B!H (JE.V.E. $B!I (J

A coproduction of SPIELART Theater Festival Munich and Posthof Linz, in collaboration with the Cultural Office of the City of Munich. Sponsored by the Swiss cultural foundation PRO HELVETIA.


In collaboration with the symposium "ACTOR 2000," actors developed their own projects without the help of a director or dramatic advisor. The projects ranged from scenic readings to performances to lectures/demonstrations.

Richard Crane with Marta Oldenburg Great Britain/Sweden: The Cunt and Dick Show
Natali Seelig Germany: Geküßt - Vom bösen Wind geküßt oder: Menschen, die die Welt nicht braucht
("Kissed - kissed by the evil wind, or, people the world doesn't need")
Viviane De Muynck with Martijn Vink Belgium:
The Sound of Time. When T.S. Eliot meets J.S. Bach
Wu Wenguang with Walter Siegfried China/Germany:
Do You Have Dinner?
A coproduction of SPIELART Theater Festival Munich; Siemens Kulturprogramm; and the Cultural Office of the City of Munich. Sponsored by the Free State of Bavaria, as part of the "Bavaria 2000" program. In collaboration with the Schauburg theater on Elisabethplatz; the Glyptothek; and Neues Theater München.

Symposium: «Actor 2000 - Global Player or Local Hero?»
An interdisciplinary symposium on the issues of the position and self-image of the actors of tomorrow.
In collaboration with the Siemens Kulturprogramm. Sponsored by the Free State of Bavaria.

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Eva Diamantstein: Nachtmahl (Evening Meal)
A spooky evening with ghosts about female perpetrators of National Socialism.
»Nachtmahl« was performed in Vienna and Hamburg after its world premiere in Munich.
Coproduction with Schauspiel Frankfurt and Schauspielhaus Wien.
Sponsored by the Kulturstiftung der Stadtsparkasse München and the Fonds Darstellende Künste e.V.

Have a nice Evening - Performance-Festival
Six premieres on one evening. All of the productions were created especially for the SPIELART festival.
Camilla Dahl & Berit Schweska (Berlin): FLAP fun-love-art-pleasure
Bojana Cvejić und Jan Ritsema (Jugoslawien/ Niederlande): TODAY ulysses
Acco Theater Center (Israel): Short Cut to God
Oliver Hangl (Österreich): Handinyourhead
Christine Hill (USA/Berlin): The Volksboutique Portable Office
Florence Kan-Ti-Shan (München): Essen ist Erotik. Essen ist Kommunikation. Essen ist Gewalt (Food is erotic. Food is communication. Food is violence.)


Forced Entertainment: First Night
An evening of vaudeville theater, where each act appears to end with an insult or injustice, and even the darkness behind the stage doesn't provide any safety anymore.
Coproduction with Rotterdamse Schouwburg and Festival Theaterformen Hannover

Internationaler Wettbewerb Webscene
SPIELART initiated webscene in the autumn of 2000. Webscene is an international competition for concepts and was designed to stimulate the theater and performance scenes to deal with the Internet as a medium and creative means. The competition offered the opportunity to realize a "net" production as part of the SPIELART Theater Festival Munich.
In cooperation with the Cultural Office of the City of Munich, Ars Electronica Center Linz, Stadtforum München and Medienforum München.

Gob Squad: The Finalists
The award winner of the competition. Produced as part of the festival.



Teatr Cinema: The Dictionary of Situations
»The Dictionary of Situations« is a collaboration of the Polish theater Teatr Cinema with five Munich actresses: Angelika Fink, Ruth Geiersberger, Judith Huber, Andrea Seitz und Gudrun Skupin.
Coproduction with Hebbel-Theater Berlin and FFT Düsseldorf. Funded by Kulturstiftung des Bundes.


Symposium Grotowski, Kantor - und weiter? (Grotowski, Kantor - what's next?)
A German-Polish theater symposium with directors, journalists, critics and dramatic advisors from Poland and Germany.
Funded by Kulturstiftung des Bundes.

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48nord: The Homeless Karaoke Club
A production of the Munich music group 48nord.
Coproduction with ORTSTERMINE 2005, and the Cultural Office of the City of Munich.

Die Bairishe Geisha: Einkehr im Schrein (Come in and relax in a shrine)
The Munich theater group Die Bairishe Geisha created for SPIELART 2005 a festival hymn, short daily performances, statements, poems, empty phrases, and absurdities, all based on the theme P.O.P. (Passion - Obsession - Pathos).

Commissioned for the festival.


Symposium «Theaterfestivals - a luxury or a cultural generator?»
During a two-day symposium as part of the network »Theater/Festivals in Transition (FIT)«, artists, festival organizers, co-organizers, cultural politicians and journalists from Germany and abroad debated subjects concerning the significance of theater feativals.
The subjects:
Festivals and cities
Festivals and artists
Festivals and European cultural perspectives
Funded by the Culture 2000 program of the European Union, the Allianz Kulturstiftung, the Goethe-Institute, the Free State of Bavaria and many other institutions.