Woodstock of Political Thinking

Haus der Kunst
20.11.-22.11., 12 to 22 p.m.
Entrance only on the hour
The lounge is permanent open
In German or English language

Entrance fee Euro 5/day
Reduced fee Euro 3/day
Tickets only at the box office

Day schedule see below

The fall of the Berlin Wall, "Black Friday," or the Futuristic Manifest: anniversaries of important political events automatically result in a profusion of publications, symposiums, and (artistic) events that place the events in a historic perspective. However, at the same time these discussions about the events also reveal that for the most part political debates have disappeared from the public forum and moved to blogs and Non-Governmental Organizations, or perhaps to the feature section of newspapers.

This is where the WOODSTOCK OF POLITICAL THINKING comes in – this "discussion happening" wants to bring political debates back to the public forum, and wants to inquire about the specific role of performance in contemporary political discussion. Numerous local, national, and international guests from the art world, science fields, and arts and culture departments have been invited. The structure is open: whether manifest, lecture/performance, film, slide or music presentation, open workshop, or action art – everything is possible and everything is welcome. The goal is that the guests will use the freedom of the event's structure to consciously to step away from standardized formats of thinking, lecturing, and presenting, and invent more experimental forms of action and interaction.

With kindly support of the bookshop Walther König inside the Haus der Kunst.

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20. November

Faustin Linyekula
Julian Nida-Rümelin
Kathrin Röggla
Klaus Zehelein
Tim Etchells
Ayona Datta
Artists Anonymus
Jörg Witte
Sophie Wolfrum
Heiner Goebbels

Detailed day schedule >>> here


21. November

Nikolai Khalezin, Natalja Kolada and Vladimir Scherban
Bazon Brock
Harold James
Johan Simons
Christian Höller
Tanja Ostojić
Herfried Münkler
Judith Huber, Eva Löbau
TJ Demos
Rainer Langhans

Detailed day schedule >>> here


22. November

Hans Ulrich Obrist
Frie Leysen
Schorsch Kamerun
Hans-Peter Dürr
Julius Deutschbauer
Lola Arias, Esther and Anna K. Becker
Nicolas Stemann
Elif Özmen
Rajni Shah
Jan Ritsema

Detailed day schedule >>> here